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We are back in the hospital with Avigail. We are doing wel.

Mum sleeps with Avigail in her private room and Dad and Yosef visit a lot or we go for a walk together.

The oxygen support is now out, the nurses have measured the saturation here

and consulted with the doctor.

He can be stopped. How nice, that moves a lot easier.

But we did not come for that.

Yesterday they started puncturing, extracting cerebrospinal fluid from Avigail's head through the drain.

The plan is to have a daily puncture and then an MRI on Thursday

and then surgery on Thursday or Friday.

This all depends on the situation of Avigail and the rest of the hospital.

We are grateful to be back, to be able to take all these steps again.

See some people again.

No idea why we are here exactly, but it is nice to be here very different, much easier.

As if we had the chance to redo the whole hospital adventure but now easily.

Yesterday we had a lovely walk with the four of us outside and played in the playground here on the hospital grounds. We also dine together in the Ronald MC Donald house.

Yosef plays with the well-known toys again. People still recognize us.

Why and for what purpose, we have no idea. But this is Gd's plan. And we enjoy.

He brought us back, He makes everything good and easy so far.

He is good!

Avigail has started to laugh at us!

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Aldert Jenny Vlieg
Aldert Jenny Vlieg
Apr 27, 2021

Oh lieve mensen. Wat fijn dat onze Vader zo goed voor jullie zorgt. We bidden voor wijsheid, genezing en dat God de handen van de artsen bestuurt❤.

Knuffel jullie prachtige kindjes en weet dat er veel mensen in gedachten met jullie mee knuffelen en bidden.

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