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Certainty in uncertainties

We had a turbulent day!

At 8.15 we thought we had to get Avigail ready for the operation, but not. Maybe another half hour later, but not again. An hour later ... Maybe.

At a certain point I myself took into account that it might be tomorrow as we first thought.

But at noon she was allowed to wear her ok shirt.

Avigail fell a sleep while i sang to her the blessing.

Also about where she would sleep in and whether or not she should be at the monitor afterwards was a back and forth of varying information.

Various uncertainties.

But through everything we had the certainty and confidence that the operation would go well and we had no doubts whether we could quickly look Avigail in her beautiful eyes and give her a bottle milk.

Pieter had so beautifully appointed yesterday in a special prayer service for Avigail that all the people around us are to us like the four friends who brought their sick friend to the Messiah for healing.

The many prayers not only from us but from young and old who are around us fasting and praying and knowing that Gd sees and hears us all gives us the peace and security that Gd did not let us go to the hospital to say goodbye here .

The certainty that Gd has a plan with Avigail, with us.

The certainty that Gd is good and knows what is good.

Is the certainty that gives us so much rest and peace.

Avigail has passed the operation well, she is at the monitor for 24 hours, she has already drunk a bottle of milk twice and the surgeon said that the operation had gone well. We have a lot to thank G-d for. Every day, but a little more today. (Oh yes, and her new private room where mom can sleep with her again has a beautiful view of the Pietersberg, with a beautiful sunset.)

By the way, today we again met 2 families that we had met over the winter. We also received mail from a family we had met here. You don't always know in advance why you get to know people.

But again, I have the assurance that nothing is for nothing.

He has a plan. With Avigail, with us, with you, with your loved ones, with the world.


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